Song Hye Kyo first appeared after the wedding ceremony

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Song Hye Kyo first appeared on the media after the wedding with young actor Song Joong Ki in October 2017.

On the morning of March 15, Song Hye Kyo attended a beauty event and attracted public attention. This is the first time a great-great-great-great-great-grandmother has attended an event since the wedding with Song Joong Ki.

Famous for being one of the top beauty ginseng entertainers, the actress impresses with its elegant appearance. She maintains her elegant and classic style as usual. Korean media devoted much praise to her salty beauty.

However, there are opinions that Song Hye Kyo’s appearance changes slightly after marriage. In particular, the fans find the actress face is rounder than usual. The delicate face with her sharp lines is now chubby. In addition, Song Hye Kyo wore a specially designed dress. The high waist skirt on the waist effectively hide the ring 2.

She often put her hands on her stomach as she poses for a photo shoot. Looks round with the costumes and movements of Song Hye Kyo to raise the beauties of the heart of autumn is pregnant with the first child. Since the wedding in October of 1977, the Song-Song couple has limited appearances in public. This is not the first time the rumored Song Hye Kyo gossip broke out.

Previously, Song Joong Ki was seen holding newborn care books that made people anticipate they were prepared to welcome new members in the family.Song Joo ng Ki and Song Hye Kyo were married in October 1974. The two are considered one of the most powerful couples in the Korean entertainment industry.

On February 8th, to commemorate the 100th wedding anniversary, the couple did not hold a noisy party. Instead, Song Joong Ki only shares a bouquet of flowers on his personal page with a note saying “Tomorrow starts today”. On the 2/3, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki went to the musical Richard III at the Seochodong Arts Center in Seoul.

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