Why many music legend do not like Taylor Swift?

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As one of the most successful artists in his generation, many times Taylor Swift was denounced by world music legends.

“Taylor is a pretty girl … but just a temporary phenomenon,” Keith Richards said in an interview with GQ magazine. Keith Richards is one of the great legends that have shaped the popular music scene in the world. And that’s not the only time the myths have made sarcastic remarks Taylor Swift, the media and audiences who believe it will succeed Queen Madonna in the future.

The times were criticized by the idols themselves

In less than a month, 2018, Taylor Swift suffered two straight criticisms without hands from two music masters. The first is Quincy Jones, the 84-year-old maker with almost seven decades of work, who has been behind the success of a slew of classics from a number of 50s such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan to 80-90s pop music kings such as Michael Jackson and Prince. In a recent in-depth interview, when reporters asked Jones what he thought of Swift, the singer with the best-selling product, he just showed on the surface an emotion that lies between disagreement and contempt. often.

He disagreed with the idea that Taylor was a talented musician. “We need more songs. Damn songs, not the songs, “Jones said. He added: “A great song can make the world’s worst singer a star, but a terrible song can not be saved by the three greatest singers in the world.” Shortly thereafter, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones continues to add fuel to the heated debate over Taylor Swift’s true level.

British music statue that Taylor Swift’s career will die prematurely. He sent to the young star the irony: “Good luck girl – wish you all the best when things are not finished.” Richards, of course, has the authority to comment on the stubbornness of a star, as he himself has never been famous for decades. Keith Richards is one of the founders of The Rolling Stones, the greatest rock band of all time. Although the members are now in their late twenties, they are still the artists earning the most money every year from their world tour. A concert of the Rolling Stones that can reach up to a few million viewers is normal.

Not too harsh as Quincy Jones, Keith Richards added that he has been in the industry long enough and “does not need to fight with the kids”, because he also does not care about pop so he claims himself a one-man. In particular, Taylor Swift had the opportunity to stand on stage with The Rolling Stones and she described it as “the best moment”. She called them heroes in her heart. Prior to that, Taylor Swift was singled out by vocalist Aretha Franklin. The greatest vocalist in the 20th century commented on a host of young singers, calling Adele “a good singer”, Alicia Keys as “a good musician.”

But when it comes to Taylor Swift, she only commented “great gowns, beautiful gowns”, meaning that Taylor Swift just has a beautiful, fashionable style without talent. Another legend is Noel Gallagher, a former member of Oasis, the big British band of the 80s, who made a fever like the Beatles – have the same view. As straight as a gut, Gallagher reacts to the view that Taylor Swift is a talented musician: “Who said that? Her parents? This girl seems to be a nice person, but no one says she’s talented, and you know that too. “

But the most bitter of the 1989 singer-songwriter was probably the one she had been ridiculed by her idol, Joni Mitchell. Taylor Swift has expressed her desire to portray Joni Mitchell in her biopic. Mitchell later said, “I put out that. I told the producer, ‘All you have is a girl with a high cheekbone.”

Joni Mitchell is one of the greatest and most successful female artists of all time. Swift calls her her idol. Sadly for Swift, Mitchell did not care about her music. “I never heard Taylor’s music,” she said. I see her. In appearance, she is quite similar to me with small hips and high cheekbones. I understand why they chose her. I do not know how her music sounds, but I know this – if she will sing and act, then good luck. ” Although not listening to Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell also implied that she does not share the same level of music with her.

The reason music legend do not like Taylor

Taylor Swift is beautiful, stylish, knows how to make music, sells millions of records every year, is always the media center. So why does the pop princess not get many myths? Perhaps the clearest answer is in Quincy Jones’s comment. He claimed that Swift was too much of a juggernaut instead of just focusing on music. For him, Taylor Swift simply was not hard enough, that’s what she missed. “Ever since I was young, I’ve always heard of people who do not want to work. Have to work, my friend, “he said. Many people may call Taylor Swift a marketing genius, she creates a perfect image, which every girl desires. But Swift’s way of doing things is not the same as the way old music legends do.

In the days of Joni Mitchell or The Rolling Stones, the prerequisite for becoming a star was having extraordinary talent. Games do not play too many roles in creating a musical symbol. Nowadays, with the power of communication and science and technology, one can make a perfect voice perfect, which can also blow an artist many times over what they have.

Of course, Taylor Swift is very talented. But what makes many myths not really impressed with Taylor is that talent is technologically aided. For example, quite often, Taylor Swift uses autotune to make the voice more standard, get autotune to life buoy for his voice. But for those who have died of music for decades, it is unacceptable. For them, music should be pure music.

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