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Thank you for considering HOJA as the professional entertainment for your upcoming event!

You should find everything you need here to learn about how we can make your event the best it’s ever been. Please let us know if you require anything else and we will do our best to provide it for you. All files have been prepared in pdf format and optimized for screen viewing. Feel free to print them if you wish.

Please click here to find out more about our show (including what we can do for you and your audience) and past client testimonials from a variety of events:
Our Show | Testimonials

Please choose which event type best describes your function to find out some of the specific ways that we can make your event the best it’s ever been:
Staff Function | Client/Customer Function | Conference | Community/Public Function

Most corporate events are for a crowd of adults, but occasionally you may be planning a staff or client function which is an all-ages event. Please choose which audience type will be attending your event to find out how we cater to that specific age group.
Adult Age Audience | Family Audience

You may also be interested in these supplementary materials:
Biography | Repertoire | Past Client List

These audio files have been prepared in .mp3 format:
Stayin’ Alive | Somethin’ Like That | Kiss Him Goodbye | Sweet Dreams

This video has been prepared in .wmv (Windows) and .mov (Macintosh):
Windows Media Player: HOJA Video Demo — 2:30 mins.
Quicktime Media Player: HOJA Video Demo — 2:30 mins.

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