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Many schools are looking for ways to connect with parents and encourage parental involvement. We pride ourselves on providing entertainment that is great for all ages. A number of schools have already taken advantage of this opportunity to use our evening concert as a way to bring students and parents together for an enjoyable evening at the school. There are two options available to you:

1. Parent Night
We will perform for students and parents at our school fee (significantly less than our usual price for community and corporate shows which is $1800-$3000). The performance is not open to the public and your school does not try to make a profit from admission (you may take donations or charge $1-$2 to help cover the cost). This is a great way to host an affordable special event at your school, build a connection with students and parents, and provide a fabulous evening of entertainment for them.

2. Public Show Fundraiser
There is no fee and your school receives 20% of the revenue from ticket sales in exchange for helping to promote and put on the concert. The show is open to parents and other members of the community. This is a great way to host a free community-building event which can generate many hundreds of dollars as a fundraiser. Please see below for more details.

Please note that these evening shows are available only at schools who have hosted (or will be hosting) a regular school presentation. We also cannot guarantee availability for an evening show as we have touring parameters and limited dates that dictate the number that we will be available for.

At our evening concerts we perform a lot of new repertoire that students haven’t seen plus a few favorites from the show that they have seen. This allows you to encourage everyone to come out without worrying that they will feel like they’ve already seen the show.

While there is no way to guarantee how successful the concert may be, it is not uncommon for schools to make several hundred dollars, and there is the potential to make much more. Often there are not a lot of advance ticket sales, but our school shows in the area the week leading up to your concert create momentum and can bring a strong turnout at the door. Please contact us at 1-888-932-8228 if you have any questions about this great opportunity.


“HOJA was SOLD OUT!! And we had all sorts of people at the door wanting to buy tickets too! The show was FANTASTIC! As usual the guys were really great, easy to work with, and SUPER with the kids. Thanks again for organizing a great package and for being so easy to work with!”
Linda Stearns
Brooks Junior High School, AB

“Awesome! What a great way for us to connect with our parents and students! The show was fantastic and our school choir was thrilled to perform before you guys. We look forward to doing this again next year and building on the success!”
Steve Petingola, Vice Principal
Our Lady of Fatima, Calgary, AB

“They were definitely one of the major highlights of our Fine Arts Presentations this year. I was so impressed with them from start to finish. We were so delighted to have them during our school day and then to return for the evening presentation that was open to the community. Both presentations were so well received, we didn’t hesitate to book them again for next year, immediately! VERY well done everyone!”
Giselle Yanish, Fine Arts Chair
Uncas School, AB

“We had a fabulous concert here last evening—HOJA was awesome! We had an excellent fundraiser— basically all we did was promote the show, sell tickets, and provide an opening act. Sales were great and the evening was a rip-roaring success—screaming female fans, adults clapping with the beat, audience participation, and hilarious comedy to go along with the great vocalizations.”
Celia Nichols
Prince Charles School, London, ON