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Welcome to HOJA’s no-bullying page!

It would be great to ask your parents to look over this page with you, and also tell them to click on the special parents’ page above.

The Most Important Thing We’d Like to Tell Kids Everywhere
Everyone knows that bullying is mean and wrong, but you probably didn’t know this: How the other kids react (the ones who are watching, laughing, and not helping) can be just as mean or even meaner than the bullying. This means that you are more important than the bully! Click here to find out how to help, and not hurt (it’s not as scary as you think).

When I See Bullying, What Do I Do?
I bet you didn’t know that you play a part in bullying no matter what you do (whether you help, laugh, do nothing, or even walk away). Click here to find out what part you play, and see what your other choices are.

How to Tell if it’s Bullying
When kids get into a fight, or argue with each other, or joke around teasing each other - sometimes it’s bullying, but sometimes it’s not. Click here to find out how to tell.

3 Kinds of Bullying
Did you know there are 3 different kinds of bullying? Click here to find out what they are and why they’re not cool.

Telling or Tattling?
You should definitely tell an adult if you see bullying, but you’ve probably also been told not to be a tattletale. If this seems confusing, click here to find out the difference.

Teasing for Fun or Teasing to Hurt?
Sometimes kids say “What’s the big deal, we were just teasing?” There is a very big difference between fun teasing that is joking between friends and the kind of teasing that is mean and hurts someone’s feelings. Click here to find out the difference.

Easy Ways to Be Kind
It’s important to not be mean. It’s even better to actually BE KIND to someone. Everyone needs someone to be kind to them, especially if they don’t have a lot of friends. Even if someone is not really your close friend, there are lots of easy ways you can be kind to them. See how many of these you can do for someone.

Who Can I Ask for Help?
If you are being bullied, you may feel that you are all alone. You are NOT alone, and someone WILL help you. There are lots of different people you can ask for help.

We hope our no-bullying page helped you. There are lots of other great websites, books, and places to go for help if you are being bullied, if you want to help stop bullying, and even if you have bullied people in the past and want to know how to stop. Good luck, and thanks for doing your part to help stop bullying! Click here for more great stuff. COMING SOON!

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