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Students, join HOJA’s No Bullying Club!

It’s easy… just promise us that you will do the following three things every day:

  1. Be Kind — before I do or say anything to someone, I will ask myself ‘how will this make them feel?’

  2. Help, Don’t Hurt — if someone needs my help and I ignore them, it’s the same as hurting them.

  3. Tell, Don’t Tattle — tattling just gets someone in trouble, telling helps get someone out of trouble.
I Promise to help make a difference!

As our way of saying thanks for promising to do your part to help stop bullying, please download two free HOJA songs.

I’m a Believer | Dynamite
(Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download the files)

Want more music?
If you want more of our music, you can order our CD’s through our merchandise page or visit iTunes.

CD’s and posters are also available at your school office for a few weeks after our concert.

Make sure you check out the stuff on our no-bullying page, and show your parents too!

finished downloading?

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